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If you are unable to get your problem resolved through 310-SURF, call 310-SURF and ask to speak to a customer service manager.

If you have spoken to a manager and are still unable to get your problem resolved, you may speak to the Bell Canada Executive Office of Customer Relations at no charge.


This number can be used for unresolved issues with any Bell Canada service.

NOTE: This page is not operated or monitored by Bell Canada. If you would like to speak with a Bell Canada representative on the site, register on the site and post in the Bell Canada Direct forum for personal and private assistance.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • I have had similar bad experiences. I got bell internet, cable and phone in october and cancelled within 10 days. So, should not be charge anything. After a number of calls with reps trying to bring my account to 0, the latest guy says I didn't cancel and they will charge me termination fees. They have no record of me cancelling. Unbelievable. Bell always does this to me. This will probably be the last time I try any of their services. It's not worth the hours and hours talking to customer service to resolve any issue.

    2015-02-12 16:09:53

  • Bell is the worst company to have as a provider. Someone fraudulently opened an account in my name over 7 years ago and I o lip ins out about it just before Christmas. They sent it to the "fraud" department and they did their "investigation" and considered this account not fraud based on the fact that it's in my name. Well news flash. Someone can open an account in someone's name if they have photo identification and a sin number. So even after 7yrs and bell not doing their do diligence I have a huge bill and the REFUSE to take it off my name. When I never even had a phone with bell at the said time. No one will help, no one cares, everyone is useless. Everyone I see I tell them to NEVER go to bell because they are horrible and never help anyone. They customer service reps are extremely rude. They never treat you with respect. They never tried to contact me. Like I said 7yrs of an inactive account. AND to top it off I have had a bell phone for the last 5 years. Like what the heck. Do you not think thT if I knew about this outstanding rediculous bill I would reopened an account? Seriously. NEVER EVER EVER will I go back to bell. They are horrible, rude, and not helpful or willing to help. I will make sure I tell everyone I know to never have bell as a provider. I honestly hope karma comes around.

    2015-01-12 17:01:15

  • Wade Oosterman has also been sent an email. No reply. Perhaps he's too busy, See his annual compensation:

    2014-12-17 06:30:52

  • Bell is garbage! I set up an appt for Friday last week and called as I may not have my TV's unpacked. the installer said no problem he would come tomorrow 12-5. He did not show and I was told he did not document his notes. I called Saturday afternoon and a female scheduled an appt for the Sunday 12-5...they did not show. When i called they said that the girl could not have gotten the job done and I'm so sorry (fuck your sorry's Bell!) they then scheduled for Tuesday 5-9. The Fibe guy showed (how nice) He surveyed the situation and said the line from the road to the house was not healthy so he could not do the instal......nice job Bell. We then call again (getting tired of calling) and schedule for the Wednesday morning from 8-12. A Bell "Satalite installer shows up and of course....cannot help me (good job Bell). I call after he leaves and another trusty apologetic rep says he will have someone call or come by with 2 hours. After the 3rd hour I call back and they say it can not happen and will be Friday (Shoot me now!) I am writing this while waiting on line for another supervisor (god knows I have the time?!). He now says it will be tomorrow morning.......anyone wanna take bets on success? ....Bell in diseased and pathetic and it does not matter because we have so few options CRTC, and from the stories we have all communicated, Rogers is no better. ttyl

    2014-11-19 15:55:22

  • You can call George Cope (CEO)at his office at 416 353 3500 please pass this number on so he gets flooded with customer complaints. I have never experienced the this horrific department they call customer service with any other company, I suggest any time you speak to bell customer service or managers to place the call on speaker phone and record the conversation, they promise you something and when you do not get it and call back they have no record of the conversation, what a joke. Worst company ever!

    2014-10-10 19:53:04

  • My elderly father has been overcharged for renting a phone when he actually owns a telephone.......The issue is not so much about the money, because Bell is such a huge conglomeration that they are not going to worry about stealing from one elderly person, but I would like to know how and why they did this when they were aware that he did own his own phone for many years. How many others are they overcharging.....I was told by one customer relations person who offered me a pittance in overcharge fees that "if they do this for one person then they have to do it for everyone". Well overcharging not stealing. She also told me Bell Canada was a huge corporation and they could not be personally responsible for every invoice that was sent..........Well yes, they can. They certainly added a touch tone fee to his own phone which he owned but failed to remove the rental fee. Such a little old man, such a tiny problem......and who really cares about that one little person in Canada who is living on a fixed income using on a Bell phone with no fancy services. Can anyone post a mailing address for Consumer Relations or complaints at Bell Canada. They think that everyone is delighted with a few bucks off your bill, case closed, wipe their hands of that single stupid little customer, but that is not how it works. Some people are not as interested in the pittance they dole out, which by the way, they tell you they really should not do......but are interested in the's not all about the money. These people do not undertand that.

    2014-10-02 10:31:55

  • Bell called with a promo offer and was to call back to confirm details after I checked my current billings. They never called back and after more futile attempts to get the same offer I contacted the vice pres of customer relations who forwarded my call to a Brigitte Paquet. After a song and dance from her she sent a email describing the discounts my initial offer was still not honored and the info didn't even give the bottom line on pricing for what I discussed. The message ended with .... If you have any further questions contact bell support!! Really!! Now after that why wouldn't anyone want to sign up with Bell?

    2014-06-28 22:30:01

  • Bell called with a promo offer and was to call back to confirm details after I checked my current billings. They never called back and after more futile attempts to get the same offer I contacted the vice pres of customer relations who forwarded my call to a Brigitte Paquet. After a song and dance from her she sent a email describing the discounts my initial offer was still not honored and the info didn't even give the bottom line on pricing for what I discussed. The message ended with .... If you have any further questions contact bell support!! Really!! Now after that why wouldn't anyone want to sign up with Bell?

    2014-06-28 22:29:13

  • I have been a Bell Business customer for over a decade no issues. I began moving my business operations to another location and the week that construction began on the new place my Bell internet went down for three days putting my business in shut down for that period. Short story is that the modem went down, ordered a new one, that employee didn't complete the process properly, called on day 2 to see if the modem had been sent they said it had not as the paperwork was incorrect, sent out another one. At 5pm on business day three I received two new business modems to get me up and running again. The cost to my businesses for this circus of incompetence is unquantifiable! I spent about six hours on the phone over this three day period trying to get my internet up and running again. Their compensation, two months free internet - $140 for my trouble! I cancelled my internet and signed up for a new provider for my new store and location which took three phone calls and approximately 1 hour of my time just to cancel. They had the audacity to tell me I was making a big mistake....really! Now that I am done with their internet I've also selected another phone provider (as I was planning to go with Bell for phone and had an order on file). I cancelled the order for the phone move and now that the new phone provider is trying to port my business telephone numbers Bell is not allowing them to port the numbers on the basis that there is an internet cancellation order on the file???? We have gone back and forth on this three times now. This leaves me incredibly confused and frustrated as the two services are not related, are billed separately and have no relationship whatsoever. When I try to call for assistance and information I am getting put on hold by employees for up to 35 minutes at a time. When I asked for help from the Ottawa office where the eager sales agent that once took my calls for orders told me to contact 310-Bell for assistance and not to contact her for matters other than sales! Seriously, this Organization is so out of touch and disconnected from their customers I can't believe they're still in business! This saga has not ended for me yet. I can only hope that in the end Bell releases the phone numbers that my businesses have had for over 10 years. This is an organization comprised of thugs and bandits!

    2014-06-18 13:35:53

  • Here is a way to expidite your phone call directly to a supervisor on the executive team.....18003539720 (you will be speaking to Alexander M. employee # P001680).

    2014-04-28 18:08:02

  • You can call George Cope at his office at 416 353 3500. He is the chief executive officer at Bell. They hate phone calls at this number but your problem will get looked at it immediately.

    2013-11-12 11:04:12

  • Ive had enough of Bells BS today, to any future Bell Customers here is a number that works.......dial 1-866-230-4675 It will prompt you to enter a 7 digit employee number, some of the examples used were...60504xx (the last 2 digits can be any number). It may not work as in the system will say the employee ID is unrecognized but then it will let you by pass this and talk to a supervisor, level 2 or 3. Level 3 is the highest level! Lets teach these bell bastards that we are not customers to be reckoned with!

    2013-03-10 18:56:49

  • I had a long list of problems with Bell so I e-mailed and Annie-1-855-495-5375 called me and gave me one month free and $5 off a month for a year.

    2012-11-07 19:21:22

  • It seems I'm one of the few customers that bell has kept happy. Although they were giving me a hassle lately and I had a shabby rep. talk to me on the phone. I email from the executive office and I got a phone call the next day. My billing issues had already been solved but the attitude of the call centre rep was irritating and insulting so I only wanted to tell Bell that I was not impressed. The executive office told me they would listen to the call and speak to the employee. They also told me that they would credit my next months bill. So anyways, I just wanted to say, contacting the executive office gave me super fast and kind service.

    2012-08-29 09:13:39

  • The line drops out.. I call bell.. I wait for the appointment date.. No one shows up or calls in the same week.. I call back for the same issue but now because the line is crossed with another party's phone and my phone is connected with another phone number.. They shedule an appointment..They dont show up or call on a saturday..Again I waited...Then they reschedule the Appointment at 6:33pm saying the cable department needs to be called in and they will be here sunday between 12 and 5..... They come late afternoon on sunday.. The tech says oh the last person in the box crossed my line with another....Morons, The Lot!

    2012-08-20 11:00:20

  • We cut off our Bell Sat TV as we lost our dish in a windstorm and they wanted a ridiculous amount of money to pay for it. So we have been streaming what we wanted to watch. They (Bell) charged us for exceeding our bandwidth but offered us a newer package with twice the speed and twice the bandwidth. We agreed and it was supposed to be up and running last Tuesday. They cut off our older service but never started the newer service. Everytime we call with has been many times over the last week they say 24-48 hours and you will be back on the internet. Its been over a week know and we still or not connected. This was supposed to be a seamless change (according to them) - I guess they can turn you off but definitely have major problems turning you on. Service cancelled !!!!!

    2012-02-01 11:44:32

  • My experience has been long with executive office - your best chance to get anything simple accomplished, sadly, requires you work with this team. Sometimes, they are helpful and astounded at the events that have brought you to them - I tried to get a telephone pole that had Bell tackle on it removed from my yard when hydro had installed a new pole right beside it. Took 2 years and the threat that I would cut the *7^*^ing thing down my self if they didn't deal with it. They did finally. But, on other issues like cell phone charges, contracts and so on, they are of no help. I recently cancelled to cell contracts we had for nearly a decade with Bell. The employee strategy was to leave us on hold for 10 minutes for each cancellation so they could verify the account. Verify? Never a late payment in 10 years. There was nothing to verify. This was petty punishment. At the end of it, they asked what they could do to keep these accounts as we'd had them for so long. Would I like a free phone, no contract? I bluntly replied if this was the deal then it should have been transparent and open to all Bell customers. Sleazy, unreasonable, dishonest. Move away from Bell as quick as you can. I do not understand how they can have a following.

    2011-10-19 17:46:55

  • So I have been paying for wireless care, dish care, and telephone care for years and have used it rarely. My son has an issue with his satellite box and of course the guy in the Philippines could not figure it out so Bell had to send out a technician to fix the problem. No problem right, I have dish care. Well I get my bill and there is a 75 dollars charge plus taxes on my bill. I call Bell and they do this one time give me a credit but tell me that a technician is not covered on my dish care, even though it always had been. I try to argue with the girl in Costa Rica that she is mistaken, she keeps apologizing but non the less informs me it is not covered and tries to convince me it never was. Who does she think she is fooling? I ask to speak to a Canadian Representative which she tells me of course she cannot do that because she is in Costa Rica. She tells me to call back if I want to speak to a Canadian rep, which I try twice and both times get someone in the Philippines. It is Bell Canada right? Where are the Canadian jobs going? I was told if I ask to speak to a Canadian rep that they are obligated to do so, but that is not what is occurring. Anyone with any advice on what to do. I know you can switch but that does not help those who are dealing with the problems now. How can we make Bell executives stand up and pay attention, or even care about their customers? I guess they are so good at stealing everyone's money that they really do not give a shit.

    2011-09-12 14:04:57

  • Infuriating...that's what Bell service is! Like this blog said...supervisors do not return calls...the reps spend so much time keeping you on hold while they speak to a supervisor that a direct connection with client & supervisor would be faster and easier than this insane relaying.... They promised a service with a price. From day one they haven't honored either even though I have an email confirmation about this. Can you imagine anyone else getting away with this. Your service is $30/mth and then they bill you more and downgrade the service! Very pathetic service!

    2011-09-07 18:50:17

  • I have been taking advantage of Bell's offer to put my services on hold for 3-5 months each winter. Bell manages to overcharge me and then threatens me with late charges if I do not pay the amount showing on my bill. The overcharge is usually in the $100 range and takes 2, 3 maybe 4 months to completely right itself. I am not a mathematician, but if Bell overcharges the millions of snowbirds and other seasonal customers, how much do they make in late charges and/or interest on the thousands of dollars that they collect from people who have automatic withdrawal or pay under threat. To top this, try and get the error corrected. Bell offers many means of communicating with them and each one totally unsatisfactory and time consuming. I must spend 1-2 hours each month on trying to get in touch with Bell. I usually end up on their "chat" service because atleast I too have a record of their unsatisfactory service. One time, they gave me their Head Office Customer Relations number and once I reached it, the mail box was too full to even take a message from me. You would think a company as big as Bell Canada with all its computers and technical expertise could do better than this OR maybe it is a way for Bell to fleece the unsuspecting "valued" customer, and improve their profits any way they can. I informed CRTC's Complaints and Enquiries Office - will be interesting to see the results. I definetly will be changing suppliers.

    2011-03-16 20:43:47

  • I am so pissed with Bell that I must share it with all of you. R u overpaying for your internet service? I was for about 1+years!.. It appears I was paying for 6+mps (sorry u know the speed thing) after 2 modems and 2 servicemen coming to my home, it was determined that I've been getting less than 1mp...not 6 that I was paying for...this is bull****, today bell offered me $46.11 for my problem, where I feel I am owed at least $ $20/month for the last year!! missed 2 days work...sat in front of my computer and waited for downloads for a lot longer than I should have! All I want to tell you is have your speed checked... try going to ... check yur speed to see if you're getting ripped off like me... I can't believe it $46!! (I will make sure they pay for what I believe is an insult to me.!!!!!

    2010-10-27 14:31:13

  • I've had an ongoing case with the executive office about solo mobile's telemarketing to me despite my having stated my preference to not receive telemarketing calls. As I have been continuing to receive these telemarketing calls I have been following up with the execute office and they are now simply not returning my calls. The last 4-5 complaints I have made (to voice-mail as nobody ever seems to pick up the phone there) have gone completely ignored. This Execute Office of Customer Relations is a complete farce and sham. Don't waste your time.

    2010-10-08 14:55:53 (brian99 See Profile)

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