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Some examples of the 5100b/4100 GUI pages
Connection Information Page
PPP Location Page
Connection Configuration Page
Modem Log Page
Check Connection Page
Statistics Page

Below are images of the front, bottom and back of the modem and its power supply.
•The part number is 060-E142-A01 with the original Software.
•The CD that is to be used with the 5100b is version 5.00-ACSX and it has a "motive smart" logo.
•SBC also shipped the 5100b modem with the Software installed the model number is 060-E142-A02
•The Software will address issues with RT's, instant messaging(chat), connectivity speeds, and downloading large files.
•The Modem Software Version of the 5100b modem can be found on the Connection Information page and on line 10 of the Technician Readout page.
•As of June 2005 SBC replaced the 5100b with the 4100 modem.
•At the end of 2005 software/firmware version was released.

5100b Front

5100b Bottom

5100b Back

5100b Power Supply

Modem Warranty

ASI's CPE policy
Up to 90 days the following is covered but a Trip charge ($60 truck roll) would apply:
After 90 Days only the modem

SBC/Ameritech issued modems have a one year warranty from the Due Date or the modem's "First Use Date".

A modem swap can be done by SBC tech support if the modem is within it's one year warranty, a credit card may be required to have a replacement modem shipped to you (UPS ARS). When the replacement modem arrives, you have 30 Days to return the defective modem via UPS ARS or you will be charged for the modem so record that tracking number. Any UPS service location or a UPS driver can accept the package.

The modem swap is a free option..

More AT&T warranty info can be found in this FAQ:
AT&T Yahoo HSI Equipment Warranty Info

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