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Some firmware versions in the homeportal seems to have a poor software implementation of port forwarding, and this shows through when you try to open up a large range of ports in the firewall (500-10000+ ports?). The homeportal starts refusing to honor requests to access it's internal configuration pages, and ping times skyrocket. Other issues may also occur as a result. The following steps will return your homeportal to factory state in this condition so that you will be able to use it again without returning it to 2wire for a firmware flashing.

DMZPlus Mode should be used for any computer that needs to have many ports forwarded to it.

Use the following or the original method below.

Easier method:
1) Unplug the phone line from the Homeportal so it can not go online.
2) Power cycle the home portal.
3) After the Local Network light goes green, see if you can access the configuration pages at http://homeportal (or by the IP address).
4) Reset the firewall to not have many ports open. (or do a factory reset and reconfigure from the original setup)
5) Reconnect the phone line to restore connectivity.

Original method:
1. Open up your web browser and type in the known address/management ( is default. Later model units may be using the address so the MDC may be found here: DO NOT PRESS THE ENTER KEY YET.

2. Disconnect the power from the Homeportal for about 20 seconds then reconnect.

3. Once you see the local network light turn green (bottom light) PRESS THE ENTER KEY ON THE KEYBOARD. You have a small amount of time to work with.

4. Type in your password (if you had set one) and you should be at the Management and Diagnostic Console window. Scroll down to the Troubleshooting section on the menu at left and select Resets. You need to write down you activation key code before you press the reset because you will need it to reconfigure your homeportal. (or look it up on the 2wire site)

5. Right at this point you may be out of time. Start the process all over and this time, reset the homeportal back to it's factory state. (bottom reset button on that page)

Thanks to dwhall29 for this fix.


Updated 3/2006 -R_C

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