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The modem comes with a CD that contains the on-line owners manual. In addition it contains a little utility, "Bbui", or Broadband Blaster User Interface. To get at the status info, install that utility by double clicking on the "SetupUI" icon in the root directory of the CD.

The utility will only work on a computer that is directly plugged into the modem. So, if you are using a router, disconnect the router from the modem and plug the modem directly into your computer. Start up the utility. You will get a little icon in the system tray that indicates the current connection status. Double click on the icon. This will give you almost no information, other than the modem is trying to connect or is connected. But now press the "Create Log File" button and the magic happens. A log file will be created in the root directory of the drive you installed the utility on. Look for C:\bbui.txt

Open the log file you just created and you will find it is loaded with lots of juicy information concerning your DSL connection. Unfortunately, you won't see both upstream and downstream noise margins, but you will see upstream noise margin expressed as "SNR". Here is an example output:

[Modem Status]
Line Status = Connected
Current DSL Mode = g.dmt
DSL Channel = Interleave
Down Stream Bit Rate = 1536000
Up Stream Bit Rate = 384000
Modem Up Time = 0 day 13 hours 25 minutes 33 seconds

[Modem Configurations]
Vpi = 0
Vci = 35
System Mode = Rfc1483 Bridged
Selected DSL Mode = multi

[Modem Statistics]
SNR = 20
Down Stream Attenuation = 55
Up Stream Attenuation = 32
Down Stream Output Power = 16
Up Stream Output Power = 11
CRC Error = 433
HEC Error = 273

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