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There are problems with some versions of the Speedstream 5200 modem. The main symptom experienced is not being able to surf the web, requiring a power-cycle of the modem (several times each week or even several times a day) to re-obtain a good connection.

Sympatico has released a firmware update for some versions of the 5200 to address this issue. If it says "no update required" then it means your modem doesn't need this update. Get it HERE

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • I hook up directly to the Speedstream modem and can get to the WEB page at however when I start up the firmware exe it just shows "searching for device" ..I waited over 5 min. I tried both connected and disconected to the internet..Can any one help? BTW great informaiton ...thanks for putting this together

    2010-06-09 20:15:57

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