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All questions regarding Earthlink's 5100 UHP Modem should be posted in the »Earthlink DSL Forum and not the Efficient Forum as it is not like a Retail 5100 Router, PPPoE Modem, or Bridge. We'll still try to help you out, but you'd be better served by the »Earthlink DSL Forum and the »EarthLink DSL FAQ page.

Quick FAQ links for faster help:
»EarthLink DSL FAQ »What are the VPI/VCI modem settings for Earthlink ADSL lines?
»EarthLink DSL FAQ »What DNS servers are used with Earthlink/Mindspring ?
»EarthLink DSL FAQ »How can I disable router mode on the UHP modem?
»EarthLink DSL FAQ »How do I setup the UHP modem?

Read this FAQ for much more detail: »EarthLink DSL FAQ »What is a UHP modem?

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last modified: 2004-05-23 04:51:09