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First things first: let's get the equipment list for what you'll need to network:
    Cable Modem with built-in WAN port.
    Broadband Router - see here.
    Network Interface Card - see here.
    Ethernet Cables (also known as LAN [Local Area Network] cables) - see here.

Now, for an example of how an Network is setup - we'll use a two computer network; see outline below:

Now that you have your network setup - let's get everything configured ..

First, we want to configure the NIC to "Obtain an IP Automatically" - this can be done by accessing your Network Properties. This is to be mirrored on all computer(s) connected to your LAN. Now, we want to access the Router Configuration page. If you need assistance accessing the router, please use one of the vendor-specific forums.

Once you've successfully accessed the router config page, you'll need to set your router to Obtain an IP Address (No User Name or Password required). Now, locate the page that will allow you to enable the MTU - which should be set at 1500; however, most routers are set to 1500 by factory default.

Once all of the outlined above is setup, save your settings and restart your router. Then test your connection.

Note: If you're attempting to setup an VPN (Virtual Private Network) - see here: »Road Runner HSI Forum FAQ »What about setting up Virtual Private Networking (VPN)?

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