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In general, there's no need to tweak the built in OT settings. OT automatically senses and adjust the settings to optimize your connection. That said, I've found this to be true if your connection is below ~2000 kbps (ie., xdsl and below).
In the realm of cable, though, tweaking may help quite a bit. The program to try is called IPNetTuner, available as a trial version here. You'll find that sustworks has a lot of useful info on their site, as well as their programs (including a firewall) There are really only two settings you'll need to alter. The first is called _rwin_mss_multiplier; set this to 44. The second (and this is where you'll do the actual tweaking) is tcp_recv_hiwater_def. Try multiples of 32k, checking your speed after each change. Useful sites to see what's happening are: our Tools page, TCP/IP analyser(to see what you're set for, along with additional info about cable service and dsl), and speakeasy pops, where you'll find links to speedtests in various parts of the country.

You can also take a look at the IPNetTuner FAQ

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