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This content was copied from a post by nunya See Profile on the AT&T subsidiaries that make AT&T Yahoo! DSL work.

I posted on this a few months back, but it was an explanation of the DSL "trinity" at ATT. I'll give a basic rundown again.

ATTIS - ATT Internet Services (formerly SBCIS). Technically speaking these people should be your SPOC (single point of contact) on DSL issues. When you call support, you usually get a contractor (who may or may not speak the Kings English, or be in the U.S. for that matter). Most people never make it past CSI (customer self install) or Tier 1.
A second layer of support (There are more, but we need to keep this relatively simple) is also provided by ATTIS. They have their own Tier 1 and Tier 2 and NOC service (confused yet?)
In the former Ameritech Region, ATTIS (content by Yahoo) is responsible for your DSL service. They operate all of the backbone that gets you from the Redback router (at your local POP) to the internet. They provide internet connectivity, authentication, passwords, usernames, ip addresses, blah, blah, and blah.

ASI - "Advanced" Solutions Inc. - Another AT&T subsidiary, organizes and oversees the connection from your home to the DSLAM and Redback router. The DSL installation forces are also included in ASI. ASI is responsible for providing circuits for ATTIS DSL and other DSL ISP's.
ASI works closely with the third party, the ILEC (AT&T Illinois, AT&T Ohio, AT&T Michigan, AT&T Wisconsin, and AT&T Indiana).

ILEC -Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier - Does the physical wiring in the central office and outside plant up to your premise.

Technically, you should never have to talk to ASI or the ILEC during your DSL life unless there is a major issue. While technically the ISP (ATTIS) should be the S.P.O.C., quite often people end up dealing with ASI or the ILEC.

The three units are separated due to regulation. This could end soon and the most likely re-union would be ASI and the ILEC, while the ISP would remain separated.

This content was copied from a post by lev See Profile about who you talk to for technical support

When you call 877-722-3755 and ask for technical support (other than customer self-install), you start out talking to Sykes or Convergys. They're there to make sure that your problem isn't due to something that's easy to solve by a script. Creativity is not encouraged at those companies. If you legitimately have a problem, there is very little they can do.

Since Convergys and Sykes get paid primarily based on their call volume, they're hard on employees that don't turn over calls quickly. And guess what takes a rep a lot of time? You guessed it. Going all the way through the script, and then having to sit on hold an additional 20 - 30 minutes to refer you to ATT-IS or ASI tier 2.

The solution? You're here on this site. Post your problem in this forum. IF NECESSARY, someone will point you to post the problem in the ATT Direct area. Don't post it there first, primarily because they've had two (this last week, one) person doing the work that was too much for four a few months ago.

Tier one has its uses. Really, they do. But don't expect them to be able to fix, or even know about major problems. ATT-IS and ASI don't keep them current with information.

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