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The most recent software version available for the AT&T (SBC) Speedstream 5100b and 4100 modems is As it has been several years since the last software update was issued and Siemens has apparently exited this aspect of the modem business by forming a JV with Nokia, it seems unlikely that any more updates will be forthcoming.

Although the firmware and installation instructions for the 4100, are no longer available on the Siemens website, the Wayback Machine DOES have a copy of the information. It may take a while, but you'll eventually be able to download the firmware for the 4100 at:
» ···

And the 5100b at:
» ···

To see the instructions for the 4100, click:
» ··· 00.shtml

For the instruction for the 5100b, click:
» ··· 0b.shtml

This version contains fixes for AOL for Broadband 9.0, DSL power-off enhancements, a fix for restoring the memory in the modem, multiple fixes to the statistics web page, enhancements to DHCP, and a security fix.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • A lot of thanks. After flash,turn the switch off for 10 second , then turn it back on enter the user id and passwords work like a Champ

    2011-10-22 19:18:53

  • the 5100b firmware will flash a 5100 plain to

    2011-09-27 17:52:24

  • Will the 5100B firmware work on a 5100 plain?

    2011-04-03 21:33:46

  • I think the 5100b firmware link is wrong. It should be (after some googling to find the letters):

    2010-09-06 02:30:03

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