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Windows XP Professional runs IIS version 5.1, which comes with a 10 connection limit. Often that's not enough when you are testing a site from multiple browsers (or multiple locations). You can easily increase the limit to the hardcoded maximum: 40 connections.

Make a command prompt window (start, run, cnd.exe) and issue these commands.
cd \inetpub\adminscripts
cscript adsutil.vbs set w3svc/MaxConnections 40
The first command connects you to the adminscripts folder. The second command runs a script that sets the MaxConnections value in the IIS metabase to 40 (the maximum allowed). The third command (iisreset) shuts down and then restarts IIS.

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  • I need max 200 connections. Is it possible?? Plz reply

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  • WOW this solved all my problems !

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  • am having a report that system can not find the path specified

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  • It worked for me on several occasions. Thanx for the knowledge shared. Ajit Jha

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  • its too GOOD... Thanks dude..

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  • cmd.exe not cnd.exe

    2009-01-12 20:58:33

  • Wow, great FAQ! You say that 40 is the hardcoded maximum; is this an OS limitation, or a limitation of the IIS version that comes with XP? jworden@brownsburg.k12.in.us Thanks!

    2008-01-23 10:31:54

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