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First you will need the following software. Download it here: »www.nubz.org/alcatool/Download.html

Then open your Linksys Router's setup page by entering its address in your browser window. ( or what ever you have it set to)

Under WAN Connection change it to Static IP and add the following:

WAN IP Address-------
Subnet Mask------------
Gateway Address-------

Click "apply" and close the page.

Open the Nubz AlcaTool software that you downloaded, and in the Connect window add the following:

Password------ (can be left blank)

Click Connect

From there click the Line Stats button in the bottom right ... That's all there is to it. Now you will NOT be able to connect to the Internet while your router is set to Static IP. When you are all done checking your line stats just open the Router Setup page and set your WAN Connection back to PPPOE and click apply ... (It may take a few minutes for the router to reset)

Original by KeysCapt See Profile and drewwpb See Profile
[This FAQ taken from a post by drewwpb in the Bellsouth forum.]

Addition by FROSTY See Profile:
Access a modem without reconfiguring the router
»Linksys FAQ »How do I access a modem that is connected to the WAN port of a Linksys Router?

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