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Originally, I had a Canon G3. It was the best camera I had owned as far as digital goes.

Now, I was at my cousins wedding one day and inside the church it took forever for my G3 to focus on the people coming down the aisle. This really aggravated me. The AF took forever on the G3 for those types of situations. I didnt have the money for a new camera so I kept the G3 for a few months longer. Then My other cousins tells me to shoot his wedding for him. Nothing special, just take some shots, candids etc. So the first thing that came to mind was the last wedding I was at and how my G3 would NEVER LIVE UP TO THE TASK. I said what the hell, and bought a Canon EOS 300D with my Dell Account.

As Soon as I got the camera I noticed it came with no CF card, I really wish CANON would have included one to get started. So I was all excited when camera came in, but then the excitment went away when I had to rush to store to get a CF card. The good thing is by that time my Battery had fully charged :). SO anyway, I start her up (didnt bother reading manual as I have a Film REBEL SLR and its basically same stuff) and test for the auto focus and WOW!! Really fast AF, I was in heaven. So I go outside to take a few pics, come back in, connect camera to PC installed software and drivers and I was really impressed with the pics. The problem with the G3 was that at full zoom pics got too soft, and not as sharp. The 300D handled this really well.

With my little story being said here are a few pros and cons for the Rebel IMO.


1.) Fast AF
2.) Price
3.) Battery Life
4.) Light Weight
5.) Comfortable in my hands
6.) User Friendly, Easy Menus etc.
7.) Images


1.) Lack of Metering Modes
2.) No FEC
3.) No Mirror Lockup

2 and 3 on my Cons list are easily fixed with the Hacked firmware though! I really wish they would hack some Metering modes in there and I would be all set!

All in all the 300D is more than most people will ever need. It is perfect for the starter photographer.

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