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Message, with picture, of using a microfilter as a whole house splitter: /forum/remark,13963553#13981498
Also this FAQ: /faq/1628

Collection of other BBR FAQ's that focus on Splitters , Home Runs and NID's:

From The Verizon FAQ
What is a splitter? a Keptel Splitter in a housing.

From The PacBell FAQ
How do I install a splitter? Seicor NID & Splitter with housing

From The BellSouth FAQ

Removal of a half-ringer and installation of a POTS filter - With Pictures!
What is a DSL/POTS Splitter
Can I use a self install kit supplied filter with a home run?
Modem Test at the NID
What is a Home Alarm Filter?
Home Security Alarm Wiring with RJ-31X Splitter Homerun Diagram
A Forum Thread by ADSL GUY

A "home run" is nothing more than a length of suitable telephone cable connected to a test jack inside a NID that has the DSL signal, that cable is routed directly to the modems location.

The images were posted by Riss_Centaur See Profile

This Keptel pots splitter was very easy to install. It is a low pass filter and it snaps into place in a Keptel NID. Included with the splitter is a bracket which is for mounting in a Siecor NID.

As noted in the photo at one time there was a second voice line used for dial up. It had its own separate 4 wire cable (red,green,black,yellow) run to computer location. The cable has untwisted wire and the crosstalk made it unusable for more than one voice line but ok for DSL

Below is a image of the 4 wire cable

The images below show a Keptel NID

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