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On power-up, it identifies itself as:

* Cooperative Multitasking OS Ver 0.02 *
* ===================================== *
* Cadence Design Systems, Inc. *
* Copyright (C) 2000 *

There is no password. The main menu looks like this:

atm - ATM Menu Node
eth - Ethernet Menu Node
nv - NvData Menu Node
adslShow - ADSL Reg Show
cstart - show startup loading
devShow - show serviced devices
di - extended diagnostics
dmb - disp mem byte [addr]
dml - disp mem long [addr]
smb - set mem byte [addr value]
sml - set mem long [addr value]
fldump - show supported FLASH devs
flsize - show FLASH size
free - free [address]
gInit - gpcifInit [offset]
gRead - gpcifRead [offset]
gWrite - gpcifWrite [offset]
i - show threads
intLock - duh!
intUnlock - duh!
intrGet - get Intr mask status
intrSet - set Intr mask status
intrShow - show interrup controler
logShow - show logging info
malloc - allocate memory [size]
msDelay - delay for N milliseconds
osClr - clear scheduler stats
osStat - show scheduler stats
panic - panic [string]
perShow - show periodic services
printf - printf "fmt", ...
profile - thread profiling [0|1]
readPSR - get Processor Status Reg
reboot - reboot the modem
set - set dsl disconnect/restart
show - show conn or show dslstatus
stackChk - check stack usage
trainDSL - kbits
tstmpEnab - enable/dis timestamp
tstmpFreq - get timestamp freq
tstmpEx - exercise timestamp
tstmp2ms - timestamp to millisec
tstmp2us - timestamp to microsec
timestamp - get hw timestamp
timerShow - show hardware timers
tprio - set thread priority
uptime - pretty-print system uptime
usDelay - delay for N microseconds
uspeed - set UART speed
xd - hexdump [addr,count,base]
help - print this help

From this thread thanks to Huckleberry3 See Profile

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