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FastAccess Lite customers should use the Quick Tweak Method shown below.

Important Notes:
1. Do not use the BellSouth "Optimizer" software. It does not set the optimum MTU or RWIN and should be completely avoided. Click here for more information.
2. Never run an MTU larger than 1492 bytes when utilizing PPPoE connectivity; which is the standard for FastAccess. Click here for more information.
3. You should not use an RWIN above 65535 for FastAccess. Click here for more information.
4. Windows Vista has an auto-tuning function that automatically adjusts your settings, so tweaking is not possible. You can disable auto-tuning for troubleshooting connectivity issues. Click here to find out how.

Quick Tweak Method
Download DrTCP here and set your MTU to 1492 and your RWIN to 63888 on your network adaptor(s). These settings are optimal for almost all Lite customers. Instructions for using DrTCP are available here. Remember to restart your PC after you have saved the changes.

Detailed Tweak Method
People with nothing but free time on their hands can use the more Detailed Tweak Method which requires multiple tests and multiple changes to the settings in order to hit your connection's "sweet spot". Usually, your detailed tweak results will probably be the same or very close to the numbers in the Quick Tweak Method. Click here for detailed instructions.

Important Additional Information
•Some Linksys router models/firmware have an "Auto" MTU capability that does not function correctly. You must enable the manual MTU function and adjust the size to 1492 (or less). Click here for more info.
•There may be more than one network adapter showing in the pull down menu for your PC. Additionally, if you have multiple computers on the network, the NICs should use the the same MTU/RWIN settings.
•Learn more about RWIN and MTU.

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