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Direcway Satellite ACP and Isolation values as of 5/24/2004 (Rev2)

ACP: Automatic Cross Poll. Value shown in the DW4000/Antenna Pointing utility, and the DW6000/4020 user interface.

Isolation: The transmitter isolation figure is a product derived from copol and crosspol values associated with your transmitter. This is not a user function, but is performed manually at the NOC - usually at the request of Advanced Tech Support. The isolation numbers postet are for reference only, to assist in those occasions if/when Advanced Tech Support assists you with upload problems. (see note #1),

ACP: 66
Isolation: 32

Galaxy 11:
ACP: 66
Isolation: 32

Satmex 5:
ACP: 81
Isolation: 34

Galaxy 4R:
ACP: 62
Isolation: 32

Galaxy 3C:
ACP: 64
Isolation: 30

These levels have to be met or exceeded for the NOC to keep your transmitter enabled. Limits may vary a few points depending on your location, transponder assignment, and weather conditions.

(Note #1) Not to be confused with the "isolation" number reported in the DW4000/Adapter Diagnostic Utility/Get System Status. If/when viewing the "Get System Status" use of the word "isolation", refer to the appropriate ACP number above.

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