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Neither 2Wire nor your ISP will provide technical support for bridge mode. The first thing they will have you do is remove it from bridge mode should you contact them for help.

Placing a 2Wire unit into bridge mode disables all routing functions (PPPoE, NAT, DHCP, etc.) Bridge Mode = Disabled Routing

When in Bridge mode, you must do your PPPoE authentication (if required by your ISP) either with hardware (another router) or in software (XP's built in Mini-port WAN or another software program), otherwise you will not establish a connection.

Before clicking submit on the configure services page READ ALL THE WARNINGS on that page so you are aware of how to get back in to the 2Wire after you have disabled routing!

Prior to firmware version 3.7 -
Go to »homeportal/management
• Click on Configure Services
• Uncheck Enable Routing
• Click Submit

If using firmware version 3.7 or higher you will need to Disable PVC Search and manually enter appropriate PVC info e.g. VPI 0 and VCI 35.

Go to »homeportal/management

  • Click on Configure Under Broadband link
  • Select "Disable PVC Search"
  • Set VPI to 0 and VCI to 35 (depends on service provider may be 8/35, 5/32, etc).
  • Connection Type should say Direct IP
  • Click Submit
  • Click on Configure Services
  • Uncheck Enable Routing
  • Click Submit

To remove from bridge mode
Statically assign default IP scheme to your client computer so it can talk to the 2Wire:
  • (older 2Wires/firmware) IP subnet dgw
  • (newer 2Wires/firmware) IP subnet dgw
    (You did read the warnings on the Configure Services page right?)

    Go to »homeportal/management
  • Click on Configure Services
  • Select Enable Routing
  • Click Submit


    at »homeportal/management
  • Click on Resets
  • Click on Reset to Factory State
  • Click Continue
  • Go to »homeportal/setup to reconfigure homeportal.

    Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
    • f your 2Wire is not listing a computer with a static IP address, or you would like the 2Wire to act as a bridged router, the 2Wire offer the technicians pages to change advanced settings: h t t p://{router ip}//tech/configuration.html This will bring you into the advanced configuration for the 2Wire. If you have a server with a static IP, and the 2Wire does not have it listed, it will not forward network/internet traffic to that computer. You can reset your local area network’s computer list. This will force the 2Wire to start rebuilding the list again and re-detect your server. This this problem become common, consider placing the 2Wire into bridge mode and using your own router. This will require a static IP. Shawn Zernik http://www.internetworkconsulting.net

      2011-09-13 14:11:09 (szernik See Profile)

    • or factory rest by holding reset button on gateway for 30-seconds, and homeportal/setup to reconfigure

      2009-01-21 10:57:05 (krueskrewer See Profile)

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