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Wifibox »www.linksysinfo.org
- easy to use, home user oriented, good www interface

Sveasoft »www.sveasoft.com/modules/phpBB2
- oriented to the power user/WISP, focus on routing, repeaters

DD-WRT: »www.dd-wrt.com
- some advanced features VoIP, Kaid, etc.

OpenWRT »www.openwrt.org
- hacker's version, rw file system, for do-it-yourselfers

BatBox »www.batbox.org/wrt54g-linux.html
- easy to install distro that runs completely from RAM

HyperWRT: »www.hyperwrt.org

Tomato: »www.polarcloud.com/tomato

Courtesy of Sveasoft6 See Profile

Links to third party firmware are offered "as is" by forum members and is neither tested nor endorsed by broadbandreports.com. In other words: While we encourage forum members to discuss their experiences with firmware, we take no responsibility if you break your stuff using it.

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