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This small prime lens is Canon's economy answer to the 50mm f/1.4 USM. When I say economy, I certainly don't mean quality-wise.

For about $75 you can pick up this wonderful lens from B&H or from many other camera vendors. It is considered an absolute necessity for the photographer's bag, because of it's very low price and incredible performance.

The Depth of Field (DOF) at f/1.8 is very, very narrow when shooting at the close focus distance, but can be very pleasing for things at a longer distance (3m+) where light is scarce. Stopped down by a few stops, the lens performs excellently. The image is sharp throughout most of the image.

The AF may not be as accurate/fast as on this lens as on the f/1.4 version because of the lack of USM for the focus motor. Because the great amount of light (f/1.8) that is being let in at any given time during AF operation, the AF is still pretty fast.

•Very inexpensive
•Extremely sharp when stopped down a bit

•AF is not constantly overridable because of DC focus motor

Bottom line: Own this lens. If you're more of an enthusiast/professional who needs the USM and extra light, spring for the f/1.4 version.

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