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There are two Efficient Speedstream 5100a modems issued by SBC/Ameritech.

The original 5100 modem (also known as a 5100a) was issued by SBC/Ameritech from about summer/fall of 2002 until about Jan 2004. SBC/Ameritech no longer ships this modem to new subscribers. The power rating for the 5100a's is 12VDC 700mA early model 5100's shipped with a transformer output of 12VDC 700mA. Later model 5100a's came with a transformer output of 12VDC 800mA. Below are pictures of the 5100a to help identify the modem.

Shipped the
summer of
Part Number:
Hardware Number:

Shipped late fall
of 2003
Part Number:
Hardware Number:

5100a Back

5100a Power Supply

The SBC/Ameritech 5100a modem has customized firmware and can not run a PPPoE session.
Enternet 300 v1.5b PPPoE software was included on a SBC issued CD
Version 3.13-000-ACSX with a "broadjump" logo for the computer.
A Cable/DSL Router that can initiate a PPPoE session could be used instead of PPPoE software on the computer. Some computer's OS have integrated PPPoE software to run.
For a short time there was software by Efficient to convert the modem into a full featured router, but that software was discontinued by Efficient.

Accessing 5100a line statistics

Some line statistics can be viewed from the SBC/Ameritech issued 5100a modem.
Changes have to be made to the TCP/IP properties of the computer to be used, and the 5100a needs a direct connection to the computer to be used to view the info, other options exist but for now use the direct connection.

Computer TCP/IP properties settings:

IP address:
Subnet mask:
Default gateway:

At a command prompt type:
arp -s 00-0b-23-08-d5-3b (MAC address of modem with hyphens)
A label on the bottom of the modem has the MAC address of modem.

5100a modem label example
Windows Command Prompt example

Windows TCP/IP properties example

Macintosh OS X
Macintosh info provided by forum member bigsand See Profile

Computer TCP/IP properties settings are the same.
arp -s 00:0b:23:08:d5:3b (MAC address of modem with colons)
There should be a "sudo" in front of the arp command
If you're logged in as a Administrator or Root the "sudo" is not needed
Using the Root account is not recommended

5100a modem label example
Macintosh OS X Terminal example
Macintosh TCP/IP properties example

The arp -a command in both images shows all entries in the arp table.

Use along with the file names below to view the GUI line statistic pages using a web browser.
The screenshot examples have been modified for presentation.

The page has the sync rates
Download sync rate=ATU-C
Upload sync rate=ATU-R
Downstream Signal to Noise Ratio
Downstream Attenuation
The time stamps shown are elapsed time from modem power up

The page also has the sync rates
A count is kept for sync
This page also shows if your circuit is Fastpath or Interleaved
Operation mode DMT=G.DMT or ANSI=ANSI T1.413
The time stamps on this page has space for month/day/year and hours/minutes/seconds
The hours/minutes/seconds will accumulate until the timer resets or the modem has a loss of power

Option for viewing 5100a line statistics

The use of a switch/hub between the device that will initiate the PPPoE session and the modem, will allow access to the modems GUI line statistic pages from one computer connected to the switch/hub, and a active internet connection on the device that will initiate the PPPoE session that is also connected to the switch/hub.

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