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I have came across this myself, and apparently, below is the proper settings:

Netscape 7/Mozilla:

Incoming (POP3) Server Settings:
User Name: (your full e-mail address)
User Pass: (your e-mail account / .NET password)
POP3 Server: - pophm.sympatico.ca
- Check off "Use secure connection"

Outgoing (SMTP) Server Settings:
SMTP Server: - smtphm.sympatico.ca
- "TLS, if available"
- check off "Use name and password"
- Use your full e-mail address as the user name

According to Sympatico's tech. support, MSN is responsible for this new e-mail platform. Sadly, MSN has blocked off SMTP access for certain e-mail clients. According to my tests, Mozilla Mail is unable to send e-mail using the smtphm.sympatico.ca server. You can simply workaround this by using "SMTP8.SYMPATICO.CA" as your SMTP server.

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