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From time to time a review that has been submitted by one of our users is edited. We reserve the right to edit when the review in question meets certain criteria.

We do our best to remain objective, as the purpose of reviews is to solicit honest feedback. However, we do draw the line at libelous or malicious postings or text that does not meet with the generally accepted rules of posting on this site. Occasionally, a user may ask us to edit personal information on their behalf, such as personal information unintentionally included by the user, like a private email address.

We feel our site users are pretty wise and can discern truthfulness on the part of posters. However, if the review has degraded into flaming, name calling or involves private information being divulged (personal unpublished telephone numbers, private communications or identifying information of employees that is not publicly known, etc), then we would have cause to remove or edit the review. The reviews queue is not a venue for airing dirty laundry, harassing others or padding feedback with marketing jargon (read: no spam).

The review queue is provided as a venue for honest feedback -- good, bad or ugly -- about the ISP and your experience. Thank you for your consideration in placing your review.

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last modified: 2007-08-25 08:39:16