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There are a good number of complaints in the Security Forum regarding various anti-virus products. In addition to voicing complaints in a public forum, if the complaints are legitimate, there are other ways to make your voice heard.

While a public forum may allow a dissatisfied consumer to vent their feelings against a particular corporation, most of these public railings turn into flames against other posters and product bashing: It is highly unlikely that the "right people," the ones who run these corporations, are viewing the complaints in the forums.

Instead of arguing with one another about the shortcomings of a product, take the time that you spend responding to another poster and direct it at the corporation instead.

If you have a valid complaint, sit down and write an old-fashioned snail-mail letter, call one of the toll-free numbers many corporations provide or, as a last resort, e-mail the corporation and detail your dissatisfaction with their product.

Following is a list of contacts for the major anti-virus providers and the ones most frequently debated in the forums:

Contact Symantec Global Headquarters
Contact Symantec Public Relations
Contact Avast
Contact Computer Associates
Contact F-Prot
Contact F-Secure and F-Secure's Partners
Contact Grisoft
Contact McAfee
Contact Panda
Contact Sophos
Contact Trend Micro Worldwide
Contact Kaspersky

Don't just sit back and complain -- do something to promote change.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • Could you please give e-mail addresses to forward complaints to Symantec.

    2007-10-22 15:01:02

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