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SIGMA 24-70 EX:

BUILD QUALITY: The Build quality is the first thing noticed when taking this baby out of the box. Lets face it, it is built tough! The finish is beautiful. The Lens hood included in the camera is 10x stronger than any I've seen from Canon. The one thing you may notice new out of the box is the zoom is a little tight, meaning its kind of hard to zoom in and out, but after a few uses it loosens up.

LAYOUT: Here is where things get different. The zoom is opposite of CANONS, meaning you turn the zoom ring Clock Wise to ZOOM in whereas CANONS turn Counter Clock Wise to ZOom. Thats no big deal and you get used to it really fast. Another thing was the placement of the ZOOM RING, its really close to the camera body and is smaller than the Manual FOCUS RING. What I'm trying to say here is that you tend to turn the MF ring instead of the ZOOM RING.

IMAGES: The images are a tad soft at f/2.8. But your going to find that most lenses tend to be soft wide open either way. Even the CANON 24-70 'L' is soft at its f/2.8. Real this lens really starts to shine is at F/4 - f/11. The images are really sharp in that range, dont get me wrong f/2.8 is very good as well. I was very impressed with this lens when I used it this past weekend at a 4th of JULY parade.

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