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But why?

In general you are best off getting your modem directly from OOL/Wiz. For $(see OOL website for current pricing) with a 1 year term (penalty=see OOL website for current pricing), as long as you aren't moving our of OOL territory in the 1st year, you most likely won't find a better deal financially.

If you want to get your own modem, OOL will let you. It must be DOCSIS 2 or (preferably) 3 compliant. You run the risk of not getting new firmware releases if you don't get a modem OOL is familiar with, so check in the forum to make certain it's supported. Still, you can get any modem you wish, as long as it's DOCSIS compliant.

If you do get your own modem, just remember to call tech support to register it's MAC address in their system or you'll be shut off after 9 days.

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