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[Comment: This is a revised edition of the "Linksys Router MTU Setting" entry that I submitted for consideration for inclusion into the FAQ. It reflects tim's (hhkr's) recent experience with up-grading the firmware on his BESF41! router (See »[DW6000] Could DWay prevent Windows Update from working? ]

You should first try Windows Update and sending e-mail after checking that your firewall software is not blocking access to the internet, and that your e-mail client is configured correctly. However, many DW6000 Pro and CE users who use Linksys BEFSR81/BESFX41 routers as a router have reported problems accessing Windows Update and sending e-mail using their DW6000 units, but they are able to browse to web sites on the internet. If you experience this problem, access the router configuration setup and change the Linksys router MTU from it's default setting of 1500 to 1460. Then, try using Windows Update and/or sending email. This "quirk" may be related to the firmware version that is installed on the above routers, but it is not clearly understood at this time.

Note: If you have recently upgraded your router firmware, you may notice there is a different setup screen in the router configuration than what you had with your previous firmware version. Setting the MTU at 1460 does not not allow Windows Update to work (it comes up with an error). Of course, it doesn't work with 1500 either. If you put a mark in the disable blank to disable the MTU setting in the router, Windows Update works. If you have a BESFX41 router, you can upgrade your firmware to version 1.51.00. It will allow you to access Windows Update and upload files by email with the router MTU set at 1500. Version 1.51.00 is Beta software as of this writing, so use it at your own risk. There is a bug in this version that causes long URL strings to crash the router. It is mentioned in this rather long thread--/forum/remark,10339478~mode=flat~days=9999).

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