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*INTERNAL* - it is only meant for release within the group because it doesn't follow certain release standards.
*LIMITED* - shown in fewer than 500 theaters.
*STV* - straight to video.
*DUPE* - duplicate; already been ripped.
*BAD FPS* - does not follow the scene standard ~24fps.
*SE* - special edition dvd.
*RERIP* - same movie ripped again.
*INTERLACED* - Picture will appear wavy to the trained eye.
*BAD IVTC* - IVTC (inverse telecine) is the process of converting a 30fps movie into 24fps to save space; the picture will appear jerky to the trained eye.
*PROPER* - a previous release of this movie was poor and this one is supposedly better.
*REPACK* - repacked, similar to a PROPER.
*NUKE* - there are two different types of nuking:
    •the first is site specific. a site will nuke a release if it does not comply with their rules.

    • the other is a global nuke (meaning most every site nukes it) when a release is a DUPE or has something wrong with it.

*DC* - director's cut

- taken from here, edited for clarity.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • Thank you very much !

    2014-01-28 09:06:07

  • Your faq doesn't explain what *NUKE* means. If *NUKE* means destroyed then why should it ever be seen? ie. the torrent should have been removed from the site. Is *NUKE* a recommendations for site admins not to download the file? Is *NUKE* added to a torrent title by the uploader or somebody else? The same question goes for the other *xxx* labels.

    2009-01-03 23:21:30

  • Great help, thanks for clarifying!

    2008-03-28 10:52:49

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