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Normaly, if you get the Hard Disk Error, or something simular, and it wont go to the main screen, your hard drive is dead. Try reseting the device, and if that doesent help, try to defrag it. If nothing helps, contact Dell technical support and tell them your Dell DJ's hard drive is dead and you need a replacement.
If you don't have your music saved on your computer, try this.

A user on the Dell Community Forums (DCF) mentioned that he got his music off of his device by "tapping" the back of the device. He said it may not work for everyone, but to try it.
Edited to add: A user has asked me to explain what I meant by "tapping". Take a pen, or your finger, and tap the back of the dell dj, around the middle.
Please message me for more information. My username is icex _.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • Had this problem until my 2 year old son threw the DDJ across the room. I was then able to defrag & download new firmware...Works perfectly now. Thanks for the advice

    2010-08-15 02:53:57

  • i do have same problem with my dell displays a rescue mode and unabe to format or cleanup!!it displays hardisk problem!!how can i defrag my dell djs hard disk just in case??

    2008-06-19 07:40:51

  • how does hitting the back of ur dell dj suppose to get songs off ur device

    2007-10-25 20:40:32

  • explain this tapping business

    2007-10-25 03:12:02

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last modified: 2007-10-25 20:54:33