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These messages mean that the file you have attempted to download contains a different TTH hash than the one in your download queue. There are two things you can do to fix this:

    •Search for the file by its TTH value to find another source for it.
    •Delete the file from your Download Queue and off the hard drive.  Then re-add the file from the search window or user list. 

If the message happens only when you download from a certain user then you can't do much about it except warn him/her/the hub operators about a possible hashdata corruption.

If the message persists downloading from all users, then most probably your hash data files rhat are corrupted so you should rebuild them. Open a hub and type /rebuild command to the mainchat to fix the corruption and rebuild your hashdata. The operation may take longer so be patient... If it doesn't help you should open your DC++ settings folder and delete hashindex.xml and hashdata.dat files (while DC++ is NOT running). As a side effect your share will be fully rehashed at the next start of DC++... For the settings files' whereabouts refer to the FAQ in the DC++ built-in help or in the online version at »dcplusplus.sourceforge.net/webhe ··· les.html

 There have been a few reports of routers causing this error, too.  The only way to find out if yours is causing the problem is to bypass it. Connect your PC directly up to your cable/DSL modem (make sure you have a software firewall enabled!) and see if you still get TTH inconsistency error messages.

DC++Change Log Related Entries:
0.4033:  Fixed an issue with invalid TTH inconsistencies due to files being downloaded to the same target filename as a previously downloaded file (.nfo's usually)

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • Always helps for me to either delete the file from my temporary downloads folder, delete it from queue and re-queue it or find another source for it.

    2011-09-02 03:21:02

  • I am behind a router (and a DSL modem) and I often get TTH inconsistency downloading files from my favourite hub. The only way I found to solve the problem is to : 0. Copy TTH from the problem file and save it (you can do a SEARCH FOR ALTERNATES); 1. Delete the file in the download queue; 2. Turn off computer; 3. Unplug router; 4. Tur off DSL modem; 5. Wait a few minutes or more; 6. Turn back on DSL, wait for all lights to be green; 7. Plug back router, wait for all lights to be green; 8. Turn back on computer; 9. Get to the hub and search the file with the previsously saved TTH root (ensure to search HASH fil type); 10. Start a new download. It works half of the time. If it doesn't work, start all the process again. PB

    2010-12-13 14:38:28

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