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DC++ stores the download queue items in a file called queue.xml which usually can be found in the same folder where DC++ installed. If you have lost or damaged your queue.xml file, the following may help reconstruct it in order to continue your partial downloads.
Note that you can't recover the download targets and the sources. Once a queue item is recovered you may want to move it  to the desired place in the queue and use the 'Search for alternates' function to regain the sources.

There are several different recovery methods depending on what version of DC++ you use:

DC++ 0.75 or newer:

  • Look in your unfinished download directory for the partially downloaded file(s). The naming scheme is: <filename>.<extension>.<TTH Hash>.dctmp. 
  • Copy the TTH Hash value from the filename, search for it by TTH within DC++ (open a Search window, paste the TTH value to the Search for box and select TTH from in File Type combobox). 
  • Add the file to the queue (Download). If any sources found with open slots the file will start to download from the beginning.
  • Stop the download if its running by disconnect all sources or set the priority to Paused.
  • Right click the file in the Download Queue, and select Recheck Integrity. This will set the resume point (it may take a while for large files).
  • Restart download. 
Repeat the steps for all files you need to resume. 

You may get errors (in the statusbar) when selecting Recheck Integrity menu. Most of them speak for themselves, the only exception may be 'No full tree available'. This can happen if another DC++ settings file (HashIndex.xml) is damaged or lost along with Queue.xml. In this case try to find more sources for the file (by using Search for alternates) and let the download start from the beginning. After a few kilobytes downloaded, stop the download and try Recheck Integrity again. If the error message persists use the /rebuild chat command.

DC++ 0.700 to 0.7091:

Introduction of segmented download method in DC++ 0.700 made queue recovery harder compared to previous versions (even if you have segmented downloads disabled). While the queue items can be recovered the same way as before there is no easy method find the resume point and to continue the download from where it stopped. Because of most of these 0.70x DC++ versions are highly unstable releases, the best you can do is to upgrade to at least version 0.75. DC++ 0.75 introduces an easy way to resume downloads (described earlier).

DC++ 0.4032 to 0.699:

  • If you use DC++ version 0.670 or later make sure that 'Advanced resume using TTH' setting is enabled. This setting can be found in the Settings / Downloads / Queue panel.
  • Disable 'Antifragmentation method for downloads' (the setting is in the same panel as the previous one)
  • Look in your unfinished download directory for the partially downloaded file(s).  If the file has a TTH value the default naming scheme is: <filename>.<extension>.<TTH Hash>.dctmp[.antifrag]. 
  • If the filename ends with .antifrag, rename the file by removing the .antifrag part so it should look like <filename>.<extension>.<TTH Hash>.dctmp
  • Copy the TTH Hash value from the filename, search for it by TTH within DC++ and download it. DC++ should resume the partial file in your unfinished download directory.
  • If the file has no TTH hash, search for the filename and download.  It's best to also specify a minimum file size to reduce the number of unneeded results.
  • If a file refused to resume, then you likely have a Rollback Inconsistency or TTH Inconsistency.

DC++ 0.403 or older:

You're SOL and really should upgrade.

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