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You can view sync rates on older "bridge" Speedstream DSL modem's, using Enternet 300 v1.5c.
If you have a Efficient Speedstream model 5260,5262 or 5360 DSL ethernet modem. The model number is on a tag on the bottom of the modem. You can view the sync rates using Enternet 300 v1.5c PPPoE client, installed with an active connection.

A copy of Enternet 300 v1.5c may be available using this Efficient Networks Forum FAQ:
Where is support for EnterNet 300 & tango software and its availability?

You should also read this Efficient Networks Forum FAQ:
EnterNet 300 does not show the DSL Modem tab for my 5X60?

A right click on the tray icon will produce a menu, left click Advance, DSL modem tab.
Below are examples of the DSL modem tab with the sync rates displayed.

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last modified: 2007-03-05 10:26:36