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Your AT&T Yahoo HSI (yahootheclown@sbcglobal.net) mailbox can store 2 gigabytes of emails/attachments for the Master Account Member ID and 2 gigabytes for sub-accounts.

When the 2 gigabyte limit is reached, any inbound email will get returned back to the sender with a message that your mailbox is full.

You can send up to 50 attachments per single email message. You are able to send and receive single email messages up to 20MB in size. The total encoded size of a single email message cannot exceed 20MB. Files attached to your email message will be encoded and will increase the final size of the email by about 30%. A 1.5 megabyte file will increase to about 2 megabytes.

Some features included with AT&T Yahoo HSI Email:
No graphical ads or footers.
Norton AntiVirus scans and attempts to clean outgoing/incoming email and attachments.
AddressGuard disposable email addresses.
Spamguard routes "junk" emails to your Bulk folder, where you can review/delete them.

If you have not migrated a Ameritech account (speedpath@ameritech.net)the mailbox size limit is 6 MB combined for the main account and all subaccounts added together. Outgoing, the limit seems to be around 2 MB but that hasn't been confirmed.

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last modified: 2006-09-11 13:27:36