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Many Internet Service Providers (ISP) block SNMP from communicating with your cable modem. When your cable modem connects to the cable provider while getting the internet settings such as upstream/downstream and ip address(es), the cable modem receives commands. ISP's may often do this for security reasons or to allow self-configuration of the modem. Calling the cable provider or ISP may solve your problems when troubles occur, as they would rather have you do that then use docsdiag. Proprietary applications such as from Comcast or Time Warner (Road Runner Medic) may "phone home" by communicating with your modem and giving the company details. Be warned that if you are violating your terms of service by having NAT (network address translation) enabled and are hooking more than one computer or running servers (if the Terms of Service prevent such activity) you might land in hot water. However, most servers on the network may be detected from the ISP head on rather than the modem itself.

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  • @Kathy; @alligata : [2]"I had a modem trashed by a power surge and went to a new one." [1]"I want to register (for the first time). How do I do this ?" [1] and [2] I would, before everything, call your cable service provider-let them know that you wish to add a device to your wireless network, have the box and mac address on hand-of the equipment that it came in and let them help you powercycle your network and they are very good for that. And secondly, to @alligata, if your in the need to acquire a new router, modem, and/or modem-router, switch, server, hub, bridge, or any other computer said, "this problem did not occur with the earlier router," well that's because your "re-registering" your mac address with the coffee shop's router, your router however, when you choose the one you want, will need to be "found" by your modem and ISP. You will need to do this because, it will help your network communicate effectively. ISP's are very good about re-sending a reboot to your equipment; re-registering you router's mac and at first sending a signal to your modem, discovering device client's and your ip address. If you're in good w/ your ISP you're all good to go, get that cable up to date, and be nice while they help you w/ your powercycle-they're very helpful!

    2010-03-20 06:17:54 (brettWImilk See Profile)

  • I had a modem trashed by a power surge and went to a new one. Am on mediacom. Now I cannot address Eudora. Working with my server provider, it appears that this is a blocking by the router. this problem did not occur with the earlier router, and does not happen in the coffee shop wireless sites.

    2009-07-10 17:55:41

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