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This applies to Southwestern Bell, Nevada Bell, Pacific Bell, SNET, and Ameritech.

First, there are two rebate amounts being honored by the SBC Companies: $149 and $199.

Secondly, if the website tools are not functioning or bringing up information, customers can call (888) 241-6225 to talk with a representative about confirming or receiving their rebates. Note that occasionally when the line is busy, you will hear one or two rings, silence for a minute, and then a busy signal. At that point, try calling again. Their hours are Mon-Fri 6AM-11PM, Sat 8AM-11PM, and Sun 9AM-11PM, all times Central.

If possible, do have your Order or Service Order number ready when calling. You will need your order number to register for the rebate online.

Note: What they send you is a single sheet tri-fold that looks very much like junk mail!

The rebate info site is at:

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