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A magnet link is an open URI-scheme and supporting practices/code for enabling seamless integration between websites and locally-running utilities, such as file management tools or peer-to-peer clients. 

Magnet links have been implemented in DC++ 0.4032.  With this version of DC++, it will register, by default, to handle any magnet: links you click on in web pages. If you click on one of these links, DC++ will pop up and ask you if you want to search the DC network (or hubs you're connected to, at least) for this hash.

You can create your own magnets in the search frame, file list window and download queue by a new contextual menu choice -- just right click on the file you want a magnet for, and select Copy magnet link to clipboard.  Since magnet links are an open standard for all (peer-to-peer) applications, there are hash types in some magnets that DC++ cannot handle. It can only handle magnets that contain a tiger tree hash.

An example link looks like:magnet:?xt=urn:tree:tiger:UXNWMYERN37HJNXB7V6KDJKZXMFBIQAGMDMYDBY&dn=DCPlusPlus-0.4032.exe.

Note: if you experience error messages about magnet links in the System log when you start DC++, it means that DC++ is unable to register magnet link handler to itself. This signs that your DC++ has no appropriate access rights to the Windows registry.

From DC++ version 0.800 you can add external Magnet links to DC++ using the File -> Quick Connect menu item.

Originally submitted by GargoyleMT


DC++ Change Log Related Entries:
0.800: Allow Magnet links to be pasted in the "Quick connect" box (poy); Fix a crash when parsing messages with Magnet links (poy)
0.780: Add magnet keyword search (thanks flow84)
0.762: Magnet links are now produced with a size (xl) param
0.760: Register in HKCU instead of HKLM to avoid UAC warnings; ditch magnet.exe (poy)
0.708: Better magnet error message
0.703: Magnet dialog fixed (thanks poy)
0.671: Magnet registration fix (thanks, ullner and farcry)
0.667:  Fixed magnet registration issue (thanks, garg)
0.4032:  Added bitzi.com lookup and magnet link copy (thanks, garg);  Added (limited support for) magnet link handling (thanks, garg);  Magnet handler included in installer (thanks, garg and magnethandler author)

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  • Is there a way to turn off the magnet links association entirely?

    2014-03-14 13:47:46

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