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Yes, with a little work you can!!

Use Google [»www.google.com/ ] to find either file named 5667BridgeFirmware.zip or 5667BridgeFirmware001.zip and it has the instructions and the Firmware file 5667_Tobago_R3[1][2].1.0.bin inside. This recovery requires a serial console cable. Efficient no longer sells them, so you will have to make one.

»Efficient Networks Forum FAQ »What are the pinouts for the 5667 Serial Console cable?

You will only be able to recover from a failure (Flashing 5667 LEDs) on a Bridge 5667 or update your 5667 Bridge to newer 5667 Bridge Firmware, but at least you will have a working 5667 Bridge again. While this is not the same as Efficient providing you a simpler way to recover your product, at least you'll have something usable. Please note: it does not turn your 5667 into a Router.

Read this post for more info:
»5667 Bridge Console + xmodem + Firmware revisted.

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last modified: 2006-01-21 13:18:56