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What notebook you should get depends on the type of use that you anticipate.
Will the notebook be used only on a desk, and rarely be moved? If so, then a heavier "Desktop replacement" notebook might be ok for you. These models tend to be larger, heavier, consume more power and run for a shorter time on batteries. Battery life may be insufficient to watch a complete DVD. These might range from 6-10lbs. These notebooks often have desktop processors in them, either because they are less expensive, or because the fastest, most powerful processor is a desktop one. (ex. fastest P4 processor, vs. low end desktop P4) This type of notebook tends to run hotter than a portable notebook. This may result in more cooling fan noise.

Will the notebook be carried as luggage regularly? If so, a more portable notebook may be in order.
I can attest to a 5lb notebook starting to feel heavy after a couple of hours at an airport, or on the subway home after work. A Pentium M processor or other "mobile processor" would fit in to this class. "Centrino" notebooks also fall in to this class. (see Centrino FAQ)
Portable notebook processors are designed to run on lower voltages, run cooler, and have longer battery life. Watching two DVDs may be possible, depending on model/manufacturer and battery capacity.

User GDATL has a very infomative post here:
»[Notebooks] AMD 'Anything' vs Intel's M-Series

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