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Over time, you might notice dust or fingerprints on your LCD screen. As they become more and more noticeable, you will surely want to clean them off. As long as you follow a few guidelines, you can easily clean your screen without any harm to it.

Canned air is a great cleaning device. Make sure you always hold the can upright and gently blow the air onto the screen to remove any dust particles. Most often, this will get rid of most of the dust. For smudge marks or fingerprints, you will need to wipe the screen. First and foremost, do not use a paper towel. As soft as they might seem to you, they are abrasive and over time will scratch your screen. Find a soft cotton cloth, or an electrostatic cloth used to clean eyeglasses. Always wipe in one direction (usually top to bottom). Do not use Windex or any other solvents that contain ammonia or ethyl alcohol, as these will cause your screen to turn yellow. There are several commercial products available*, or if you want, you can use just plain water or water mixed with a tiny bit of vinegar or isopropyl alcohol.

Following these suggestions will ensure you have a clean, and scratch free screen for years to come.

* »www.photodon.com/csc.htm

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