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When looking at images of this phone you really wonder how large it really is, but when seeing it in person it is surprisingly smaller than expected. It is a basic Nokia Series 60 phone, but with EDGE for faster data speeds.

  • Phone in general: The phone has a very good solid feel to it, the keypad can be a pain for someone with large fingers. It is very comfortable to hold while in a call.

  • Screen: Nice, larger, and clear screen, one of the best I have seen on a phone.

  • Ringtones: Very loud and audible, with a strong vibrate feature.

  • Memory: Expandable, but came stock with a 32MB MMC card.

  • Reception: rf is good, not as good as the Nokia 3650, but still better than others. It held calls in a low signal areas without distortion of the audio for me or the person one the other end, in the same area my Sony Ericsson T637 would cut out badly.

  • Voice Quality: It is decent not great, but decent. When in lower signal areas you can hear a warm buzzing sound, most likely do to the transmitter boosting its power.

  • Overall: It is a nice phone with a lot to offer, but the firmware was too buggy for me the phone crashed a lot, I sold it after owning it for a couple weeks. For what it does it is good, but honestly for the price there is better offerings coming around the corner.

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