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You may experience poor service during periods of rain (or even several hours after the rain has stopped), or in the spring when all the snow melts quickly. A common reason for this is that the wires carrying your telephone service are wet someplace. For example, a junction box on a pole or a manhole underground can fill with water or become damp. Or lines underground are slightly damaged with the sheathing (the covering) over the wire is broken, exposing the copper inside to moisture. When your lines get wet, service degrades greatly. Your modem is having trouble maintaining a certain level of sync, so it's dropping back to the best speed it can maintain. In some cases, your speeds might be slower than dial-up or you might lose sync completely! Over a period of time, sometimes hours or even days, the water drains away or dries out and service returns to normal.

This can be troubling to fix, since in dry conditions there is no problem. So you need to be prepared to call as soon as the problem starts. If you wait until it goes away, Bell will not be able to find the problem as easily, if at all. Use a payphone, cellphone, or neighbour's phone if you need to. If you can call using your own phone, the operator may notice your voice quality is indeed poor and (hopefully) get you help right away.

There are two ways to approach Bell about this:
•Call 310-SURF and have them dispatch a tech to investigate. They may or may not dispatch a technician, depending on workload and their opinion of your situation.
•Call 611 if your voice service is poor (static, poor signal or sound volume, etc) and have them dispatch a tech to investigate. Since the quality of voice service is regulated by the government through the CRTC, Bell has to fix these problems right away. And when they fix your voice service, often the solution will fix your internet service, too. The CRTC does not regulate the quality of service for internet.

Remember this problem will probably not get fixed with the first call. Be persistent and you'll have this problem fixed.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • I spent two summers where during every rain event the DSL connection would disconnect for 30-60 seconds and then reconnect. After getting through the level 1, 2 and 3 phone support the field techs were dispatched and they were great. They changed the pair my phone was on all the way back to the CO. This, however, didn't help. I was ready to give up but during another rain event called and got connected to someone in St Catherines or thereabouts who listened to my sad tale of woe and suggested the modem be replaced. She agreed the modem was likely not the issue but suggested everything else had been changed and "how could this hurt?". End result -- my problems went away. None of us know why, we also don't care.

    2011-12-30 14:14:56

  • This can be extremely irrating becuse it never seems to be an isue when the tech gets there. What you can do is fast track it. Bell provides bsw (burried service wire) to its cusomers for free when building a new home. You could call the burried wire wire departmnt directly, be polite this is not a well published number and generally deal with internal issues, I dont believe they have to take our call but do. You can order a span of wire place it to your pedestal and ask them if they can send a tech out to connect it (sometimes within a day or 2) The number is 1-877-752-7447

    2008-01-01 19:50:26

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