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A common choice is to choose Cisco 800 series router. Currently Cisco 890 series routers are targeted for Home Users or Small Business Users, with many features, scalability, and reliability.

When you have financial constraints, you could also consider Cisco older model such as 1800, 2800, and 3800 series router models. However keep in mind that these models are End Of Sale (EOS) and are no longer supported by Cisco. Fortunately like other Cisco equipments, those old models long lasted.

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Official Cisco website regarding the 800 series router

However if you plan to do VPN or more toward security, you might want to consider ASA 5505 since the ASA is designed to do VPN and firewall.

Official Cisco website regarding the ASA 5500 series

For some basic VPN and firewall features, the legacy PIX Firewall 500 series might do the job as well. Though the 501 is a compact model, larger model such as 515E is recommended to provide scalability.

Official Cisco website regarding the PIX 501 model

Keep in mind that either the ASA nor PIX is not a router. Therefore if you have or plan to have two ISP or have redundant ISP links; then you need both router and the PIX, or a router that have VPN and Firewall features.

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