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Suggested prerequisite reading:

»Cisco Forum FAQ »The most straight-forward way to configure Cisco router: Introduction to CLI

There are various reasons why the SDM does not work. Some of them are the following.

* old Java issue
* SDM is not activated
* SDM software does not exist on the router
* SDM software is corrupted
* The LAN interface IP address is changed
* The LAN interface is shutdown

This FAQ is not meant to be the complete SDM troubleshooting guide. This FAQ however points you to the right direction to find out what the cause is and to revive your router.

When the web configuration mode doesn't work, use the CLI (Command Line Interface) as the most reliable way to configure and troubleshoot routers, including troubleshooting SDM access issue.

Here are the steps to revive inactivated SDM.

1. Do a "show running-config" from enable (privilege) mode and check if there are such commands of "no ip http server" and/or "no ip http secure-server"

2. When you find it, it means the router is currently configured to disable the SDM/CRWS. To enable it, issue "ip http server" and/or "ip http secure-server" from global configuration mode

3. When there is no IP address under the LAN interface, you need to assign one. Make sure that the LAN interface IP address and your PC IP address are within the same subnet

4. Using your web browser on your PC, open "http://[YOUR ROUTER LAN IP ADDRESS]" and see if you are able accessing the SDM/CRWS

The following thread shows some walk through using CLI step-by-step from very beginning to revive the web configuration feature.

Keep in mind that even though your product may not be an 837 router as is used in the thread example, the description on CLI introduction still applies to any Cisco router that supports web configuration.

»[Config] cisco 837 defaults

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