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how-to block ads

From a post by lev See Profile at /forum/remark,11277018~mode=flat#11277363

Open up a telnet session on port 110 to pop.sbcglobal.yahoo.com. Go to a command prompt and type:

TELNET pop.sbcglobal.yahoo.com 110 (or whatever format your OS requires for Telnet)

and enter the following:

USER youruserid@sbcglobal.net (or youruserid@ameritech.net depending on your account domain)
PASS your password

If it doesn't accept the password, change it through the main account's page at »sbc.yahoo.com.

If it does, type:


See if anything looks funky there.

RETR followed by a number will display a message. If you want to delete it, type DELE followed by that number.

QUIT should get you out of the session.

See if this gets you on the road.

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by RadioDoc See Profile