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First try to get your problem escalated to a second level tech. If you get a runaround or no satisfaction, you can try to get your problem escalated to a lead teck. If you're getting a "customer service runaround", then ask to have a Rogers Customer Service manager call you back. Note that the manager will NOT be a technical person, so you'll have to explain your problem simply and explain that you don't feel the techs you've dealt with have treated your problem seriously, or solved it or whatever is appropriate. Don't rant. They can't solve your problem, but they can bring the necessary expertise to help solve the problem.

When you've exhausted all you can reach by phone, you can write to Rogers' Head Office and lodge a complaint:

The Office of the President
Rogers Cablesystems - Rogers Yahoo! HiSpeed Internet
855 York Mills Rd
Don Mills ON M3B 1Z1

When you write, you need to be concise. You have about 8 seconds to make your impression. If you rant, especially at the beginning, the rest of the letter may not be read or dealt with seriously.

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