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This Section
This FAQ is currently being updated. Thank you for your patience.

Westell 6100 Modem Information
(3.00.61 Firmware or Higher)

This FAQ has three major sections
Section 1 - General Information
Section 2 - Physical Connections and LED Status Display
Section 3 - Network Configuration Links

This FAQ is in conjunction with the General Westell Modem FAQ and provides specific information pertaining only to the Westell 6100 (Model B90-610030-06 or Model C90-610030-06).
Please reference the General Westell Modem FAQ for overall setup and configuration information.
The current Westell Users Guide is available here.
The Westell 6100 has been shipping since May 2004 and is the current default modem/router supplied to all new BellSouth residential customers. It has both ethernet and USB connectivity.
The BellSouth supplied 6100 (Models B90-610030-06 and C90-610030-06) are specifically designed with a unique firmware, interface, and features that are different from the standard retail 6100 models.
Although they are physically different from the BellSouth supplied 2100/2200 modems they have basically identical interfaces and functionality.
The 6100 features an improved chipset featuring DMH (Dynamic Multi-Hybrid) technology to provide better performance on marginal lines, however the look and interface are exactly the same.

Section 2 - Physical Connections and LED Status Display

Pictures by Andy Houtz

Section 3 - Network Configuration Links

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Andy Houtz

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • My modem is E90-610030-06, what firmware can I download for this Att modem?

    2010-09-28 17:27:31 (jujurmj See Profile)

  • judging by the google suggestion line, a lot of us are looking to download the usb driver for the westell 6110. probably a lot of us are verizon customers who never got the cd.

    2010-03-17 21:23:29

  • I received my Verizon DSL startup kit with Westell 6100 modem over a month ago. When installing DSL, at a certain point, an error message displays indicating that current Westell Dual Wire Modem is incompatible with Windows XP. When I ignored that message and proceeded, my system crashed and I lost all data and had to reinstall WindowsXP. Is this a recurring issue?

    2009-02-02 17:20:37

  • There is yet another firmware version which you do not have posted here -- the 6100F. while the software is the same as the others, the physical look of the gateway modem has changed.

    2009-01-13 22:02:28 (sozekizer See Profile)

  • Great job documenting the process and instructions. However, where do I get all of the firmware versions of the modem ?( 6100 B90 ) Not all versions seem to work properly with your instructions. Moving from one version to another has caused the adsl line to drop frequently. (esegura@bellsouth.net)

    2008-12-25 11:12:01

  • The Internet Light has these two modes also, which are not listed in the FAQ above for the westell 6100 modem. Blinking Green Solid Red can you please update the page with information about these two modes. thank you

    2008-08-08 17:53:20 (westell See Profile)

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