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From this thread:

Do not forget to have framed prints, matted prints, plain prints.. People are picky and choosy and many will want matted, matted & framed, framed, plain, etc.. My wife tends to take blank (pre-cut) mats with her so she can mat the customer's choice of color for an extra fee.

It helps a great deal to have a variety of sizes from 4x6" to 20x30" even.. Most 4x6" are sold matted to a 5x7" frame size. Doing limited runs can also help.. like say limit a certain picture to 100 8x10" prints and then it is retired (hand signed certificate of authenticity helps also).. but remember to keep track of these as if you sell 101 of them then you can be sued!

A nice way to sell the plain prints is in Crystal Clear Bags which can be purchased for very reasonable prices; they protect your pictures from fingerprints, spills, etc.. They work great for Matted images also.

It is sometimes nice to have a backing material with you as well, like Foam board or something even harder as some people will pay extra and prefer having a ready to hang print.

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