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The Service is for residential use and only within limits that Charter considers reasonable for the service level to which Customer subscribes. Residential service usage for Customers subscribing to the Lite or Express packages should not exceed 100 Gigabytes ("GB") of data per month. Usage for Customers subscribing to the Plus or Max packages should not exceed 250 GB of data per month and usage for Customers subscribing to the Ultra100 package should not exceed 500 GB of data per month. Charter reserves the right to revise or implement additional usage limits at any time.

It is a violation of this Policy to use the Service in excess of these limits. In these cases, Charter may, in its sole discretion, notify Customer of excessive use and (i) request Customer to employ corrective or self-limiting actions to comply with this provision; (ii) suspend or terminate Customer's Service account; or (iii) request that Customer subscribe to a version of the Service (such as a commercial grade Internet service, if appropriate) for use at higher data consumption levels that align with Customer's usage patterns. Charter's determination of the data consumption for Service accounts is final.

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