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As can be seen in the following post:
the http code does not always result in a linkable connection. This appears to happen when the HTTP link is posted right after an /quote passage. I have seen this in many posts, including my own. Often I need to add blanks and enter for a new line to get the HTTP code to create a linkable result.

I did a search of this forum to see if this problem was posted before and couldn't find any. I apologize if this problem has already been reported and is being worked on.



said by justin See Profile
since the parsing is done in a loop until all are found, in order not to get caught looping, it does not parse what look like urls after quotes or angle brackets because otherwise it would match post substitution as well as pre.

There is certainly a better regex expression that could be used, or the parsing could be done in two stages, first replacing links with tokens then replacing tokens with html, to avoid this, but I'm too lazy to change that right now given the few posts it impacts.


Priority is low.

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by vkr See Profile