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For Qwest.net users, go into the user setup of your modem and change the capitalization of letters in the word QWEST in any combination. For example you can use Qwest.net, qwest.net or QWesT.net and get a different IP each time. If this doesn't work the first time try adding yourusername@roam.qwest.net all lowercase. Click next, and go to the status page to see your new IP. Save & Restart is not necessary.

Essentially you are trying to get the Qwest (ISP) equipment to think you are a new user that it has not seen before by changing your authentication (log in) credentials, this will cause it to give you a new IP address. If you are using PPPoA you will make the authentication change in your modem, if you are using PPPoE you will make the authentication change in your router or your PC if you don't use a router. (See your router or modem setup documentation for instructions on how to change your log in information.)

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